Titanide Re-Fuse

Vape Safe Chipset

Titanide Re-Fuse

Electronic module manufacturing 100% French, the Titanide Refuse has many features for maximum comfort and use of your mechanical mod safely:
The Titanide Re-Fuse comes in the form of a fine electronic module that takes place between the battery and the head of Titanide Asteria.


• Resettable and reusable
• On/Off fonction (5 clics)
• Short circuit Protection
• ULR compliant 0.165 Ω limit
• 15 sec. Cut Off protection
• Overdischarge protection battery (<2.6V)


Diameter : 18.3mm
Height : 3.4mm
Weight : 1.41g

- Titanide Asteria Mod & Green Vapes Edition
- Titanide Phebe Mods & Vortex 18650 (use 1 single 1mm battery stop oring)
- Titanide Themis 18 (use 1 single 1mm battery stop oring)
- Mecanical Mod, 18650 able to compensate the height of the Titanide Re-Fuse (+3,4mm)