Titanide Phebe

Subtle & sophisticated

Titanide Phebe is the daughter of Ouranos (the Sky) and Gaïa (the Earth) in Greek mythology.
The air forms the range Themis are preserved, but a robust link in the Earth is fitted out thanks to a wider button (switch).
Titanide Phebe allows to make the connection between two worlds... dream and reality.
Compact and sober, the Phebe range keeps mixing high-tech production processes with traditional polishing and gold plating techniques.
7 models of Titanide Phebe mods are available in 14500, 14650, 18350, 18500, 18650 and 26650 formats.


• Machined from the billet titanium switch and body
• Brass made contact screw
• Brass made locking ring (24K gold plated | engraved Titanium (26650 Titanide Phebe) | Titanium (18650 Ti)
• 24K gold plated contact
• "T" airflow battery


Diameter : 16/18mm | 20/22mm | 28/30mm
Height : from 66 to 96mm
Weight (empty) : from 30 to 96g
Battery type : IMR and Li-Ion from 14500 to 26650

Titanide 18650 Phebe Ti Gamme Titanide Phébé Mods